When you visit a model home, you will be greeted by the builder’s real estate agent. That agent represents the builder and represents the builder’s interest. Did you know you can have your own agent that represents you and your interests at no cost to you? There are many reasons why you should have your own real estate agent when building a new home.

Bring your agent on the first visit

If you plan on using your own agent to represent your interests during the home buying and building process, you must have them to your first visit to a model home. The reason is if you are unaccompanied at your first visit, the builder will register you in their system as unrepresented. If you want to have an agent help you in the future, you will have to pay your agent directly and that cost is on top of the list price of the home.

If you bring your agent to the first visit, then the list price you see includes a commission to your real estate agent; otherwise, the builders agent receives the entire commission. So, if you do not bring your agent to the first showing, you are actually paying for the benefit but not getting it. This small piece of advice could save you thousands of dollars.

What can you do?

If you are thinking about building a new home, please contact us, and we will have one of our new construction specialists reach out to you.